Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer in Alva!

The Wee County Crafters in holiday mood.

Numbers have been falling off somewhat at The Workshop in Alva's Cobden St. Is this a product of the good weather that is drawing people into their gardens or is everyone on holiday? Who knows but Crafters are thin on the ground, for whatever reason.

One notable absentee is carving guru Richard. He is off on a sabbatical to do a bit of carving on a major project for a heritage trust. Shrouded in secrecy as it is, he is reluctant to go public on the exact nature of the job but he reckons it will take up most of his time between June and September. He insists it has nothing to do with lounging on beaches and we all believe that.

He has come clean about his excursion to Coupar Angus, though. (Is there a beach there?) On Friday the 28th of June, Alex Stewart, purveyor of pen turning requisites and clock parts, is hosting a woodworking extravaganza - well, a mini extravaganza, (prizes will be awarded for anyone who can supply a word that expresses a mini extravaganza, Blogger's decision is final) - at the Red House Hotel in Coupar Angus 'twixt the hours of 10 and 4 in the afterlunch.

Alex promises that this will be an event to rival those at Ingliston and the S.E.C.C. featuring demonstrations by exponents of many woody arts. He has returned from the depths of England, garlanded with laurels and raving about the success of his mission. Whether the good burghers of Coupar Angus will be so amenable is yet to be proven but expectations are high.

Also upcoming (dreadful Americanism) in this final week of June is a visitation from representatives of a charitable trust, who generously gave a grant to The Wee County Crafters to ease their financial situation. These good people insist on remaining anonymous, preferring to do good by stealth but the crafters are grateful to them for their much needed and appreciated help. The visit is to see exactly what it is that The Crafters get up to in The Workshop in Alva's Cobden St. This blogger is confident that they will be impressed with the people, the work and the facilities that are available to anyone who wants to indulge in a bit of woodwork for a very small financial outlay.

You can find out for yourself precisely what delights await at The Workshop in Alva's Cobden St. by visiting The Wee County Crafter's website: www.weecountycrafters.co.uk and you can then contact club Chairman Jim Bayliss, through the 'contact us' tab. We all look forward to meeting you.


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