Monday, 13 May 2013

Wee County Crafters went on a picnic last Sunday, the 12th of May: the Scribblers Picnic, held at Stirling County's rugby ground. Despite the weather and resisting the temptation to say that it was no picnic, the event was a moderate success. In terms of cash, the group took over £100, the best selling items being the "Comfort Birds". Sometimes called Stressbusters, they are small, polished and very tactile bird-shaped pieces of wood. They fit neatly into the hand and, when caressed, can have a calming influence. Thanks to all the many members who carved them and to Jenny and her mother, who sewed the little purses. 

Such is the attractiveness of these little carved birdies that some of the carvers had to have them forcibly wrenched from their grasp when threats and cajoling failed. They'll just have to carve more for themselves.

As well as swelling the Crafters' funds, the Picnic raised the group's profile with the wider public. A number of visitors took away leaflets and it is hoped that that will lead to more recruits to the club. The contacts made with similar groups will prove useful and great oaks will grow from the event's acorns. There is the danger that the great oaks will be felled, seasoned, converted and turned into furniture but that is some way in the future. Archie's chopping boards took a trick as well.

Thanks go to Jenny and Mum, Alison, Bob, both Jims, John, Archie and all the others who contributed.

In other news, The Wee County Crafters have a new website: - - and a blog on Blogger. Well, you knew about the last. Thanks to Scott Paterson, Webmaster Extraordinaire, for his work on the website. Whatever will be next? A Facebook page? The 21st century is crowding in upon us. Two more channels of communication with the group can't be bad.

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  1. I really enjoyed working on our stall at the Scribbler's Picnic. The weather was a bit cold and wet but Jim's gazebo kept us all dry and looked very smart.

    A big thank you to the Scribbler's Picnic committee and Bridge of Allan Round Table who organised the event so well.